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Nice to meet ewe!

Hello and welcome to Ewephemia’s Place.

I’m Louise, Ewephemia’s human pal (typing is a bit tricky when ewe’ve got hooves!) and this website and baa-log is about all things woolly, hooky, yarny and crochety!  Possibly some other things too that will inspire the creative juices and conjure up magical makes.

We’ll introduce ourselves properly soon, we’re too excited about the crochet for bleating on about ourselves at the moment!  (The sheep talk will stop, at some point, maybe!)

I’ll be using the baa-log section to show you what’s on my hook, share stories of interesting visits – the Knitting and Stitching Show at Edinburgh’s Highland Showground is coming up soon, I’ll be reporting on that (if I have time from buying ALL the yarn I can get my mitts on), making recommendations on other places to get crochet inspiration and generally having a good old chinwag with everyone!

I’ll also be providing tutorials, cheat sheets, videos and patterns for you to try.

AND as if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be setting up crochet masterclasses here in Edinburgh.

So if you’re new to crochet, not hooked in a while or are a fully fledged hooker there’ll be something here for you to get your hooks into.

What’s on my hook?

I always seem to have more than one thing on the go, all the time!  Sometimes I have trouble deciding what to work on, that nearly always seem to mean I start something new!  I have a pile of blankets needing ends woven in, ughhhh…oh look new wool, let’s start something else!

I will get round to doing it…

…Hobbycraft are selling Caron Cakes you say?  Well, let me just jump in the car and drive up to check them out.  Oooh Funfetti Confetti, look at you!  Squishy and dishy.  Gotta buy, so I did!

Caron Cakes, for those who don’t know, were a huge phenomenon in the United States in the autumn of last year.  Created by Caron Yarn, the cakes of multicoloured fabulousness were a limited edition creation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Caron.  They were exclusively sold by crafting company Michael’s and would only be available for three months and then no more cake!

When the cakes hit the shelves simultaneously in Michael’s stores across the US and Canada one August weekend, woolly mayhem ensued.  There had been no specific advertising of the cake, yet people went caraazy mad for these mysterious squishy fluffy balls of multicoloured wonderfulness.

Crochet bloggers I follow from the States went bonkers over it! It became apparent very quickly that people like cake!  People wanted more cake!  People wanted cake forever!  The customer service phone lines lit up like a million Christmas trees with crafters all saying this same thing ‘We want more cake!’

And those lovely people at Caron said, okay, more cake it is!  And the woolly world jumped up and down in excitement!  Then us folks over the other side of the pond chipped up.  ‘Scuse me, could we get some cake?  We like cake too, puleeeaassseee can we get cake?  Now we have cake and all is well in our woolly world!

Actually, the cake is the new ball.  Everyone’s making them now, more about that later!  Back to the Funfetti Confetti…

When I got those fuzzy cakes home, I decided on doing a C2C (corner to corner) blanket, but by the end of two cakes, it really wasn’t doing it for me.  Time to frog…rippit…rippit…rippit!  I’d seen a pattern for a granny ripple and decided to try that instead.

Sooo much better.  With the C2C the colour changes weren’t all coming at the end of a row and it didn’t work.  With the granny ripple, it created this wonderful merging of colours and it didn’t matter where the change happened, it worked!

I used four cakes to make this lapghan sized blanket, perfect for whimsically draping over the furniture ready for whenever the Scottish weather means it’s a little chilly around the knees and you can whip it off the couch and onto your lap. Ahhh, snuggly.  That’s better!

Here is said blanket, being modelled by the garden chair at the weekend.  Yep, we do occasionally get the sun here!  The joke these days is that while this is March and so officially spring, this is our summer!  I hope not.  My Mum’s garden is even nicer in the real summer!


The other thing I’m working on is a cushion cover, it started off as a little practice run of the wonderful Lucy from Attic24‘s Moorland blanket crochet-a-long from January.  I hadn’t tried a wave pattern before, so I wanted to give it a go before I broke into the official yarn pack and got cracking!

The neat wave that Lucy created is really straight forward once you get the pattern in your head, I’ll show you how I keep track of the pattern in another post.  The yarn I’m using for this is Stylecraft Special Chunky and came from another of Lucy’s fabulous yarn pack creations – The weekend bag.  I loved her colour choices so much I bought two packs, made the bag and then had fun making another larger bag, a granny square cushion based on a design from another crochet guru – Heather from The Patchwork Heart (posts about these coming soon!) and having still a lot of yarn left over started creating this giant rectangle, which will turn into a cushion cover soon!

17498706_1876792189228180_1328978223785408853_n The aptly named heatwave pack, basking in the summer, I mean spring sunshine!

The final thing I’m working on is still in the planning stage and that’s crochetfying my pictures of Ewephemia!  I’m planning cushions, a blanket and an amigurumi version of her, watch this space!

Ooh look, while I’ve been busy chatting with you my dad made a cup of tea.  Time to go and drink it!

What’s on your hook? I’d love to know.